What’s with the Sound Sleep–(w1b2)

Sound Sleep

Too Tired to Succeed
Too Tired to Succeed

I have been sleeping better and longer each morning.  To me that means I’m getting more REM sleep, the deep kind.  I’m having dreams and as I awake, I do recall them.  That transmits into more vitality, just like “scroll 1” says.

Medically Factual

Getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep nightly is associated with longevity, normal blood pressure, and improved mental acuity.

Get it under Control
Get it under Control

Beats taking Melatonin to try and stretch that nighttime rejuvenation period.

Perhaps not watching Bill O’Reilly as the last depressing imprint on my inner consciousness is the best thing I can do to assure a good night’s sleep, but I like to think that it is the positive effect of reading The Greatest Networker in the World by Og Mandino out loud immediately before retiring.

There’s something to this…

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