Week 8 Sink the Bismarck

Sink the Bismarck

Well, not exactly.  But this weeks exercise is designed once again to exercise the brain to visualize in reverse.  Last week we created our friend and talked to him (her) in detail and that was to further the idealization part of the mental  processes.  That has led to doing it in reverse by focusing on a battleship and all the parts of it all the way back to the people who elected the representatives who voted to construct the behemoth.  So, in effect, we sink the ship by tearing it into the details from which it was created.  Great exercise.  Wikipedia notes, ” Although war films were common in the 1960s, Sink the Bismarck! was seen as something of an anomaly, with much of its time devoted to the ‘unsung back-room planners’ as much as on the combatants themselves.”

I thought I might try to be cute one day and try and combine last weeks exercise with this weeks and create in my mind a more modern vessel that launched drone aircraft instead of lobbing 1000 pound ordinance.  It was something that I had actually done before in my more naive days as a child.  I used to construct submarines in my mind.  Yeah, the whole thing from electric propulsion to snorkels for fresh air.  We all live in a yellow submarine…ah…hah!

Anyway.  I like these exercises because if we’re going to build a legacy, it’s going to take some detail to make that happen.  No mistakes this time around.  Every step I make, every breath I take will have been watched by myself, the architect of my destiny, before they ever occur.


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3 thoughts on “Week 8 Sink the Bismarck”

  1. Hahahahahah! I laughed out loud just reading your title, and happily thought to myself “THIS is going to be GREAT!!!!” I was not disappointed! Reverse Engineering is a trainable and teachable and learnable skill. You were way ahead of the rest of us as you had already dematerialized Yellow Submarines Ah Ha!, so the concepts and many of the systems were already in your subby!
    Your connection of these exercises to the legacy we leave for our children’s children’s children’s children is deeply connected to our ability to focus, concentrate, and think. These exercises take us from myopic to masterful, and your clarity of that understanding is well stated herein.

  2. Really liked your post as it brought back to remembrance when I saw a 1,000 footer get built. It took years and involved hundreds of workers. It really puts into perspective what it takes to build our destiny.

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