Week 5 –The Mind Starts to Visualize

The Mind and Visualization

The exercises this week are directed to moving the mind from relaxation to what is supposed to be an easy and relaxing pleasurable time in your past and to your DMP.   This is the good news and the bad news theme for me.

The reason it has been bad news is because I just was having a difficult time recalling things that I really had good enough (?) memories of that I wanted in my future.  I just struggled with it.  It was an email from Mark J. today however that helped because I was able to link colors  (blue, white, and orange) and sounds  (the lapping of waves against a shoreline and the sunset as seen from a small aircraft with the air shussing past the cabin)  to things in my DMP.

This may not be helpful to others, but it has been for me.  In some meditation the use of sound is profoundly relaxing.  I’ve been listening to an album that has all the sounds that I relate to and it has been very easy to deeply put my body at rest and my mind into almost a trance just listening to the waterfalls, the waves, the wind, and so forth.  It’s helped me to totally empty the fear, anger, and frustration that have been unwelcome habit and replace with it with the habit of joy and peace.

The good news is that from the sounds and the colors and the deep relaxation I’ve realized a small change needs be made in my DMP and it is done.  I’m getting closer to what I really intensely desire.  Time to assert myself and then to claim it.

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7 thoughts on “Week 5 –The Mind Starts to Visualize”

  1. Don, I am truly touched by your blog post. Without question, having to struggle to find memories of your past that you want in your future would be de-moralizing for anyone. To see that the struggle has lead you to better your DMP tells me that it was a struggle you needed to have. It was a struggle that is now launching you to a bigger and better future.

    Rejoice! You’re on the right path,

  2. Your blog is very touching! You did a great job not to give up! I am having trouble with these things so thanks for the tip! Music has always been a big part of my life I do not even know why I have not tried it yet?!

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