Week 3–Old Habits, Relaxation, New Habits (w3b1)

Old Habits

Never die.  Well that’s not true from what we’ve learned in the MKMMA.  They don’t fade away either.  However we can replace them, but with a different habit.  This is something for a sixty-four year old guy to sort through.

I have some really adaptive habits like going through a routine when I get up in the morning.  For example, if I don’t follow the routine, I’ll leave the shaving cream heater on which may seem petty, but that’s my point.  Leaving it on with potential to overheat and perhaps malfuntion and cause a fire is a big deal.  Remembering to turn it off is a little deal.  But when I follow my habitual routine, I don’t even think about it.  I know its off.

Another example from the more creative side, music.  I learned to play some piano from the Notre Dame nuns when I was 7 years old.  Little did I realize that the routine finger exercises and scales were the inculcation of a habit which I still know and can play without thinking.  Haven’t replaced that habit and don’t intend to do so.  But the point is that once it’s in there, it’s in there.  My interest in the creative is only manifesting itself these days in learning a little bass guitar.  My instructor, Derek, is very much old school.  He teaches patterns and scales, just like the nuns did.  And now I can see where its going because a lot of what I can use to play a bass pattern is a fundamental that we started with.  Also of course is the subconscious mind is able to play that pattern better and better without thinking about it the more I think about it.  Over and Over and Over!

Bill Withers Greatest Hits


The exercises this week have led me to fall asleep a couple of times and I wish I had had this skill years ago.  It’s powerful.  I’m finding increased energy and determination to make things move in the direction of my revised DMP.  I find myself awakening with the movie trailer version on my mind and that is certainly evidence to me that there are some changes.  I also don’t really find myself worrying about next month, next year, or the following year.  I really don’t like the expression about feeling the fear but doing it anyway.  I’d rather conquer the fear by the determination of doing so.

New Habits

Just like the morning routine, I’m finding the colored shapes and the reading to be very helpful.  I’m creating a routine that’s different from my wife Kathy’s and that is a work in progress.  I like to get up and do the meditation early, she’s a late morning effort.  So that arranging of our best efforts is something that will happen as the relationship with the universal joins our efforts.  Hope to get some suggestions out there.  (hint, hint)


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I was born in the same hospital I trained in almost 65 years ago. Family came from good old Germanic stock matched with my Irish mother's value added good cooking and discipline. I had four brothers and I was the oldest. Education was with the Notre Dame nuns, the Jesuit priests, and then the Holy Cross fathers at Notre Dame. I completed my medical school back in Milwaukee and actually trained in the same hospital I was born in. My best thing that ever happened to me was meeting and then marrying my Kathy, a patient and loving gal who has given me three great sons and a lot of her patience. The story is longer, but for now check out donketterhagen.com for more specifics. We spend our days building a Lyoness shopping network and living in the mountains of North Carolina in the summer and Estero, Florida over the winter. Life is good.

4 thoughts on “Week 3–Old Habits, Relaxation, New Habits (w3b1)”

  1. Don, amazing isn’t it? We all were doing some of this in our lives already and had no idea. But when we start combining it or realizing the importance of it, it sure does change things. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi Don, that’s awesome that you don’t worry about next month or next year. I still have some work to do there. As far as overcoming fear, the only way I’ve ever made progress there is to go right into it. Face it direct. Do it even though its telling me not to. Hope this helps.

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