Week 21–I See said the Blind Man

Probably because I See

We’ve talked and blogged about habits for some time now and I realize that the old habits need to be replaced and we are doing so faster and faster.  Lot’s of the garbage I have dealt with began years ago and I’m not blaming anyone but I’ve commented before about expressions my childhood was full of.  The title on this post is one I heard often when someone had the epiphany about something they were doing, reading, or saying.

This expression applied to me this morning as I finished reviewing the notes from last Sunday’s webinar.  I thought that I had taken the survey as I usually do before the sun sets on Sunday night, and I still may have, but Mark’s reminder last night made me “double-check” and the survey seemed different to me in some strange way.  So I retook it and decided I must have missed something in the webinar and reviewed my notes.

The physics, the Einstein quote, the kid in the batters box, all meant something different to me this morning and I said to Kathy when she got up this morning that “I think I get it.”  The Franklin makeover, that is.  Yes, I unenthusiastically did my dots in the order that I thought needed the most “working on.”  But this morning what working on meant was bringing those things out of me.  Observing in others only happens because what is observed is within me.

The Eyes (I’s) Have it

No, I’m not taking a poll here.  And I know how to spell (spell-check is wonderful) “aye”.  What I’m saying is that the things we see are the things we are.  The world without can be seen because it is already inside of you.  The “I” are all the things “I” observe in others because God didn’t create junk as they say.   He and “I” are connected to everything.  And if “I” connect to negative and other things it’s only because “I” let my subby do it.  “I” vote the subby out on this one.   All in favor, signify by saying,  “Aye”.

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