Week 19-Love is All You Need

Love is All You Need

So the Beatles’ hit goes.  And today being Valentine’s Day, I think it appropriate to mention this since one of the big three, health,wealth, and love, needs to be addressed.  To be happy is to have all three in the proportions needed for you.  Love is a part of the affirmation that mentions “loving” along with “happy” and the two go hand in hand today.

I really like the week 19 reading and the idea of eating to supply the energy for the thought process is curious considering today is traditionally thought of as the day for dark chocolate in this house.  So perhaps it’s true, that chocolate is the food of love!

Food of Love

Another curious thing was the change in the exercise to be more aligned with the idea of meals.  That is, meals are the source of continued energy and thus shorter and more frequent bursts of concentration probably is the point Haanel is making as an addition rather than as a substitute for the regular meditation with concentration.

One additional aside and that is the “Power Posture” that Mark showed on the week 19 video really works.  Used it twice yesterday before meetings and got great results.

So, in closing today, I want to wish a Happy Valentines Day to all the MKMMA bloggers and followers.  Remember, Love is All You Need. (along with whole,perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, and happy! )

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  1. Don, I love the power posture too, it is a great tool! It is fun and exhilarating to do. And a sense of power seems to pervade my inner most being. My thought on eating with week 19, eating sustains our bodies. Without proper nutrition our mind is unable to function to its potential, it short circuits. Have you’ve ever eaten terribly, like all carbs and no protein? And I also think Haanel meant feeding our minds with positive thoughts, planting organic rich seed and harvesting rich insights and creating majestic ideals. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your posts make me think and ponder our weeks focus.

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