Week 17 Hero’s Journey

You are the Hero

Alright, so I’ve been called to take the journey from the known to the unknown.  Looking at it analytically, can I identify all the components?  If this is how it happens, I should be able to do that.

First of all, an apology, and a commitment.   The apology because I usually write this blog after having meditated (the sit) most of the week.  I’m writing early because I will be out of country until Sunday evening.  Hope I get back in time to listen to the webinar.  And after that, I will post another blog about the heroes journey that I’m on.  It’s interesting how things keep popping up as the week goes on.  I enjoyed rereading the week 9 lesson.  Haanel boils it down to three ideals:  health, wealth, and love.  This morning I said to Kathy that two out of three ain’t bad and we’re only on week 18 technically.  So back at it with my sit, my shapes, and continuing on this journey.

We almost all read FB and a post on our private page for our company had a post about the job as a salesperson is to make the customer the hero.  We certainly are inviting our prospects, our customers, our friends to take the leap of faith and go on the journey to the abyss.


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I was born in the same hospital I trained in almost 65 years ago. Family came from good old Germanic stock matched with my Irish mother's value added good cooking and discipline. I had four brothers and I was the oldest. Education was with the Notre Dame nuns, the Jesuit priests, and then the Holy Cross fathers at Notre Dame. I completed my medical school back in Milwaukee and actually trained in the same hospital I was born in. My best thing that ever happened to me was meeting and then marrying my Kathy, a patient and loving gal who has given me three great sons and a lot of her patience. The story is longer, but for now check out donketterhagen.com for more specifics. We spend our days building a Lyoness shopping network and living in the mountains of North Carolina in the summer and Estero, Florida over the winter. Life is good.

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    1. Appreciate the mention and my favorite phrase from scroll III carried on to scroll IV was I build my castle one brick at a time and your castle is created the same way.

  1. We are the hero! Hope you had a wonderful time out of the country, and looking forward to reading about the Hero’s Journey you are on.

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