The Value of Experience (w3b2)


Recent moment has turned things upside down.  So much so that a certain clarity to my primary pivotal needs has shown them to be in conflict with a spoken goal which is no longer going to happen.  As Og says, I now “commence my journey unencumbered with the weight of unnecessary knowledge or the handicap of meaningless experience.”

For the fourth time this month, I’ve rewritten my DMP and have now been able to focus on liberty without the “pull” to return to a career that does nothing over the remainder of “my allotted time” but detour me.

The Value

The value comes in that the freedom I seek will allow me to accomplish what I wanted to do for others without enslaving me to a pathway which devours dollars and shackles time.  With the financial goals accomplished, all that I wanted for the end result of re-licensure back, was to help other people and that I still can accomplish.  I know I can do that and the pathway will present itself.  Just not this path.

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I was born in the same hospital I trained in almost 65 years ago. Family came from good old Germanic stock matched with my Irish mother's value added good cooking and discipline. I had four brothers and I was the oldest. Education was with the Notre Dame nuns, the Jesuit priests, and then the Holy Cross fathers at Notre Dame. I completed my medical school back in Milwaukee and actually trained in the same hospital I was born in. My best thing that ever happened to me was meeting and then marrying my Kathy, a patient and loving gal who has given me three great sons and a lot of her patience. The story is longer, but for now check out for more specifics. We spend our days building a Lyoness shopping network and living in the mountains of North Carolina in the summer and Estero, Florida over the winter. Life is good.

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