The Mind Begins to Create – Week 10

The Mind Creates.  What is Your Reality?

I’ve been most fascinated with the exercises happening during the meditation and this week has been no exception.  The creation of a cone within a box and then changing the color of that cone is the interesting part.  The black lined cone was not much of a problem.  It’s the colors that proved more challenging.   I’m sure that a connection wasn’t firing initially but with practice I could do it in all colors.  Remember what doesn’t fire together isn’t wired together.  My mental weakness in this color area probably reflects, in retrospect, the need to get those colored shapes more “in my face” and thus into my mind.

I came across an interesting article by Dr. David Perlmutter, author of “The Grain Brain” who incidentally happens to be my personal neurologist and friend, who describes recent knowledge  about the topic in an article in Integrative Practitioner.  He describes  “…neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to adapt and change, is predicated on the modification of existing neural networks and the creation of new ones.”  This is exactly what Haanel has had us do over the last nine weeks with exercises during our meditation.  We also have been wisely instructed to keep changing things around with the colors, the shapes, the movie versions, etc., because these neuroscientists have found that unless the exercise were challenged and continually stimulated, the wired together stops forming new and stronger wired pathways and may revert to old pathways.  I think I hear that this must continue to be a lifelong process.  It’s not a goal to make it to the 26 week mark.  It’s to change the way we do things.

Haanel also pointed out the need for continued visualization or ideal creation in harmony with the Universal.  As the Lillian Whiting quote on page 72 points out in her book from 1894 The World Beautiful,  “the vision always precedes and itself determines the realization.”  So interesting too that she even quotes our old friend, Emerson, in some of her writings.  I find it so fascinating the power of the observations of the writers in the past who without the advantage of the science we now have today (PET scans, laboratory animals studies, etc.) that they could report on their observations and correctly teach us what we and all successful people need to learn and exercise within ourselves in order to achieve our purposes.

Dr. Perlmutter also recommends that neuroplasicity improves with exercise (P-90X), meditation, fasting, and Omega-3 (DHA) :

So the gift of neuroplasticity, a process enhanced by repetition, attention, caloric restriction, and adequate dietary DHA, is the physical and functional link between meditation and connection with divine energy.

Time to go and sit in meditation and create my reality!



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6 thoughts on “The Mind Begins to Create – Week 10”

  1. Don, this is GREAT! As if we needed more proof that there is ‘hard science’ behind the work we are doing. What is amazing is that WAY before neural science figured this stuff out, Haanel and others KNEW this based upon the evidence of RESULTS achieved in peoples lives. Thanks so very much!

  2. Thanks for the post. It is great when other writers/experts reiterate the same message in different manners. I am going to look up The World Beautiful as I have not read a book pre 1900 that was not assigned by a teacher

  3. Wow, this is really interesting. What also amazes me is the fact that even with all our advances in digital devises, electrical imaging, laser optics, blah, blah… the intellects of yesteryear were able to analyze the brain and come to the same conclusion that whatever is fired together, is wired together. I really love this study.

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