The Law Won Week 11

Because it’s the Law

I can remember this answer to childhood questions of why.  Mom would often respond, “because it’s the law.”  The theme running through Haanel’s reading this week specifies the immutable fact that because we are governed by THE LAW that exists to direct our actions in the way that the Universal established them, we are able to think and conceive along those guidelines.

The guideline are simple.  We are to idealize, affirm, and to possess the object(s) of our thoughts.  The difficulty arises when we allow our minds to wander away from our DMP and focus on garbage which doesn’t fulfill our PPNs.   You get what you think about.

Mark has been guiding us to trash the evil influences by exercises to move us into lawful ways.  Follow the straight and narrow, if you will, because it’s THE LAW.  If you don’t, that stuff gets a chance to be a bad influence and slow our progress or even to derail this movement towards our success.  We must seek and believe we receive them.  Again, because it’s THE LAW.

So let the LAW win in the way we desire it to be.  The alternative is also true. If we don’t desire it enough, the subconscious mind will reestablish the old blueprint of belief and that is just not acceptable to winners and successful people.

We must constantly be aware of what are mind is trying to do when we are idealizing.  It opens the door to other ideas which may seem unrelated to what we thought our design was but if we see a relationship through our inductive reasoning,  the LAW has put those ideas there for us to discover, combine, and apply.

Here is what I’m believe is going on with me right now.  My main thing is a vehicle to get my Liberty and Legacy fulfilled.  But the PPNs certainly allow for other vehicles and in fact that is what’s happening.  The one sentence DMP that I’ve come up with covers this development:  I am a successful entrepreneur with multiple income streams allowing me to travel between our splendid homes, donate to our Colombian mission, and the endowment of our family trust .

I believe I already possess these things.  My faith is the substance and evidence of them.

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  1. I like a lot of what you wrote, for example: “The difficulty arises when we allow our minds to wander away from our DMP and focus on garbage which doesn’t fulfill our PPNs.” So, so, true!!! Also, your 1 sentence DMP is spot on!!!

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