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What I Am

This week has been a game changer.  Please excuse the use of the word Freedom for Liberty.  Maybe it should be Autonomy and Legacy?  Tell me what you think, please:

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I was born in the same hospital I trained in almost 65 years ago. Family came from good old Germanic stock matched with my Irish mother's value added good cooking and discipline. I had four brothers and I was the oldest. Education was with the Notre Dame nuns, the Jesuit priests, and then the Holy Cross fathers at Notre Dame. I completed my medical school back in Milwaukee and actually trained in the same hospital I was born in. My best thing that ever happened to me was meeting and then marrying my Kathy, a patient and loving gal who has given me three great sons and a lot of her patience. The story is longer, but for now check out for more specifics. We spend our days building a Lyoness shopping network and living in the mountains of North Carolina in the summer and Estero, Florida over the winter. Life is good.

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  1. Great post Don, people that cause us pain can be our best teachers. We only grow through adversity. The 20 to 25 minute sit is also impressive. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Don, nice to meet you. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your video, such a great way to get to know someone, up close and in person! And I appreciate your honesty, the sharing of your thoughts and emotions inspire me to stay the course.

    Apparently I am having a problem with my wordpess URL link. I have been “X’ed” in the blog list, but I’ve reached out for help and hope we can resolve the problem soon. i certainly want other MKMMA members to see my blog and start sharing my experience with this awesome course.

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