Master Key Master Mind–Week 1, Blog 1(w1b1)

Today I begin a new life


And so begins scroll one. It really is about time to begin anew. So many things happen just in the process of this thing called the subconscious running the show, that it’s time to show him who’s boss. So today I learned enough of the process to feel confident that I can do what Mark J suggests.

I am beginning with this blog because I want to journal my journey just like a captain writes in the ships log. The progress made, the obstacles encountered, the solutions to the situations, and most importantly, the success that comes from perservering.  I’ve made the metaphor in my personal blog that my life has been about the voyage.

This past month, those who love the sea, have been aware of the Americas’ Cup series in San Francisco, captivated by a last race come from behind win to clinch the victory.

Mastermind in Motion

Well this ship has been dry-docked for awhile, and the refurbishment is well underway.  The captain is ready to specify the destination (a.k.a. the DMP) and slip the bonds that have been tying the hull to the dock and set sail.  It’s going to be a great adventure and there is much to learn as we polish this vessel during the maiden voyage of the new My Enterprise.

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I was born in the same hospital I trained in almost 65 years ago. Family came from good old Germanic stock matched with my Irish mother's value added good cooking and discipline. I had four brothers and I was the oldest. Education was with the Notre Dame nuns, the Jesuit priests, and then the Holy Cross fathers at Notre Dame. I completed my medical school back in Milwaukee and actually trained in the same hospital I was born in. My best thing that ever happened to me was meeting and then marrying my Kathy, a patient and loving gal who has given me three great sons and a lot of her patience. The story is longer, but for now check out for more specifics. We spend our days building a Lyoness shopping network and living in the mountains of North Carolina in the summer and Estero, Florida over the winter. Life is good.

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