Insight, Week 15


I started reading my Haanel week 15 this past Monday morning and have been trying to determine what I would write about.  It’s amazing to me that it’s taken this long to put down what has been rattling around during the sit and the meaning of Insight.

Love imparts the vitality to the thought.  Love, the law of attraction.  Love, a word. Word, a thought verbalized.  Thought is what separates us from the other animals.  (I am of the animal kingdom-O.M.)

So what about those thoughts.  Emerson: give to get.  Haanel: “Nothing may reach us except what is necessary for our growth.”

So it comes down to this for me:  I want happiness and love.  To be happy is to love myself and before I can grow that thought, all thoughts of sadness, failure, disappointment, unfulfilled dreams must be cut off at the roots and given time they will die and go away.  I must be thankful, express gratitude, and give love in order to be appreciated, happy and loved.

Saw this today and it’s pretty interesting video about gratitude:

Most of the key elements are there.  The DMP, the POA, MMA,  it’s the PMA that I’m stuck on and this is so evident to me in my challenge with the gratitude cards.  Slowly, though, I’m catching up and finding it a little easier each day to find new things to put on the cards.


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  1. Don, it is really about Give, give, give!!!! Give and you shall receive… you are seeking and you are finding… Knocking on the door(s) and they shall be opened to you… Blessings to you!

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