Week 24 Approaching or Departing

The Approach


In bringing an aircraft towards landing on terra firma, the last part of the flight is called the approach.  There is a lot of activity in the cockpit as the  pilot prepares.  In many flights, a checklist is brought forth and followed.  The speed is regulated with the fuel mixture and the engine manifold pressure and the flaps are set and so forth. The landing gear put down and locked.  Many things are brought together to make it a smooth approach.  The compass and the approach charts.  Focus on the point of touchdown.  Observe for other aircraft in the pattern.  Communicate your intentions.  Fly the airplane, first and foremost.

Don Ketterhagen, pilot

We’ve been approaching the end of the MasterKey experience and I’ve observed myself being concerned that I may be missing something on my checklist.  Let’s see.

Know where I’m going according to my compass.  Check

Flight manuals by Og and Haanel.   Check

I see the correct destination on the DMP charts of different colors.  Check

New Blueprint for flying the airplane.   Replacing subconscious bad flying habits.  Check

Emerson’s Law of fuel management.   Give more, Get more.   Check

Franklin Makeover.  Observing the miracles around me.  Check

Mental diet.  No Negative.   Check

But do I really want to put this beauty down yet?  Naaa.  It’s freedom up here and time to just do a touch and go and head back to the heavens, the realm of the Universal and feel the joy and freedom that the eagles know and that I know.  My journey is just beginning and despite a perfect approach, my flight is ahead and not behind me.  I am God’s greatest miracle.  I am just really taking off.

Touch and Go






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