An Empty Mind is Something Good, Week 2 (w2b1)

You know that Expression

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste” can actually be something good.  Let me explain what I’ve found.  It’s not what you think.

No, I didn’t waste it on chemicals or trauma.  I emptied the hard drive that kept whirring in the background while I was trying to be still this morning. So I kind of “wasted” all thoughts and I found that being still was easier than I had ever noticed last week.  Sitting quietly for 15 minutes has really been hard for me.  It’s been my routine to come out to the family room and then kitchen.  Put on the coffee, check the email, and so on.  You probably have had a routine too.

I have never done meditation, but I imagine it might be similar.

Empty Mind
Empty Mind

I felt peace and inner harmony and I’m looking forward to doing it again tomorrow morning.  No chanting allowed or any movement.  Not that I would want to because I actually felt a kind of detachment from my arms and legs.  I could feel my heart beating and tried to slow it down just by my thought process.  Didn’t quite get that result but my breathing slowed and became very rhythmic, very regular.

I’m looking forward to the experience again tomorrow.



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