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This has been a quest to redevelop myself.  As Og Mandino says, ” the value of experience is overrated, usually by old men who nod wisely and speak stupidly”  I am trying to speak with some wisdom and some experience.

I determined to enter medicine at a young age, influenced by situation and became focused and task oriented along the way.  I’m sure that is where a lot of the habits that I am trying to replay got started.  I’m learning the habits to prevent failure.  I will replace the ones that haven’t brought me success since reitring from medicine.  And that what this is about.

After graduating from medical school and doing my residency, I opened practice in Naples, Florida and had a successful career spanning twenty years.  Happily I delivered babies and took care of women.  During the time I was starting to develop post polio syndrome, which eventually caused me to retire, I became fascinated with the Network Marketing industry as I realized that I would rather have the efforts of 100 men than the efforts of one (me) and I was beginning to physically fail.

That led me to a long and semi successful networking career and I still have income from work done in 1993.  Network Marketing works.

But the success in medicine didn’t convert into success in NWM like I had envisioned and I feel that lack of principle as are contained in “The Greatest Salesman In the World” were missing.

I’m now past 67 and live in North Carolina with my wife Kathy.  We have three sons and six grandchildren and I am working the scrolls and moving forward in the direction of my DMP, Legacy and Liberty.  I only hope that the principles comtained herein have come in time. As Og writes, “Time teaches all things to him who lives forever but I have not the luxury of eternity”.

Not knowing my time on earth, I can only proceed with the belief that in this six months I and you will learned the we will become as the greatest of olive trees and finish the journey.

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